SwingOut123 Classes new term starts Monday September 2nd 2019.

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Hop Swing Festival. York University.

DATE: 8th - 10th Feb 2019 VENUE: York University. UK. STARTS: 8pm

This is our biggest event of the year !!! We'll be running multiple swing dance workshops over three days, with some of greatest teachers from near and far. There will also be some fantastic social events. It will be a amazing weekend so don’t miss out - register here: https://uoyswingdance.wixsite.com/whipmawhopmahop2019?fbclid=IwAR2wEyNCh-CHMpnVZ8nla0K1nAUotHD1O32v6gTShHiB0ocpOahuJOitLmI

Lindy Hop:
Nils Andrén and Bianca Locatelli (Sweden)
Jenny Thomas and Scott Cupit (UK)
Rasmus Holmqvist and Mona Reithmeier (Sweden & Germany)
Solo Jazz:
Nancy Hitzig (Canada)

Friday - Sunday. Classes and dances with DJ's and live bands.

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