Next Online Strictly Charleston Fit and Solo Jazz Courses will start April 19th, 2021. Registration is now open!

Online Classes

DATE: Monday's, Tuesday's & Wednesday's (see details below) VENUE: Online STARTS: Various (see below)

Registration will open soon for the next block of online courses starting April 19th, 2021 with Jenny Thomas. All times are set to GMT.
All Classes will have new material. 
Previous courses can be purchased at any time for unlimited viewing.
They include: A-Z Authentic Jazz Steps Part 1, 2, 3 & 4. Frankie's Shim Sham, Jenny's Lockdown Charleston, The Tranky Doo, Norma Miller's Trickeration, The Big Apple Part 1 & 2, Dean Collins Shim Sham, Al Minn's & Leon James Shim Sham & Choreographed Routines. Please email me for more info on how to purchase these courses.

1: Connect 4 - Jazz Steps - How we connect steps together with music.

All Levels Welcome.
This class is designed to not only refresh your memory of each authentic step but each week using only 4 Jazz steps, we'll be looking at how they can connect to each other, how to change the order, weight transitions, body positioning, arm positions and styling variations whilst applying them to various musical tempos. 

This is a continuation of my Connecting A-Z of Authentic Solo Jazz Steps courses Parts 1 - 5. However, previous attendance is not required for you to join this class.

The past four courses of A-Z Solo Jazz Steps and Connecting A-Z Parts 1 - 5 can still be purchased for unlimited viewing.

There will be a one week break on Bank Holiday Monday, May 3rd.

Day: Monday's - 4 Week course commencing April 19th.
Time: 7.00 - 7.45 pm
£40 / 4 Weeks / Person

2: Brush Up Your Skills with Lindy Hop Drills - All Levels

All Levels.
So our solo jazz steps have been improving no end but are you now feeling a little anxious about getting back to social dance classes again? Are you wanting to brush up your Lindy Hop skills that have been on hold for the past year? Need reminding of all those do's and do not's?
Then this is definitely the class for you! I will be giving you lots of pointers, technique and drills for both leads and follows, which will prepare you for when the doors open again.

There will be a one week break on Bank Holiday Monday, May 3rd

Day: Monday's - 4 Week course commencing April 19th.
Time: 8.00 - 8.45 pm
£40 / 4 Weeks / Person

3: Strictly Charleston Fit - for Absolute beginners.

All Levels.
Would you like to learn some of the Charleston steps and sequences from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing?
Well now you can... from one of Strictly's own guest Charleston & Salsa Choreographers, Jenny Thomas.
This class is ideal for all levels of ability who just want to learn some fun 20's Charleston whilst keeping fit. It's a great cardio workout too!!
The price for this 4 week course is £40 per household.
Let's encourage the whole family to get 'Strictly Charleston Fit' together!

Day: Tuesday's - 4 Week Course commencing April 20th.
Time: 7.00 - 7.45 pm
£40 / 4 Weeks / Household

4: Soft Shoe Rhythms - All Levels

All Levels
This class will be based on syncopations & rhythms. Steps we can dance in our regular dance shoes but using audible tap steps. Aside from learning new tap skills, it will improve your weight transitions, musicality, balance and you will also acquire some fun steps and rhythms that you can apply to partner Lindy Hop.

Day: Wednesday's - 4 Week course commencing Wednesday April 21st.
Time: 7.00 - 7.45 pm
£40 / 4 Weeks / Person

5: Jenny's Jazz Choreo

Intermediate +
In this class, I will teach you a unique piece of solo jazz choreography. Aside from improving your technique, balance, musicality & coordination, you'll also have a whole lot of fun! The pace of this class is faster than any of my other courses, be prepared to be pushed.

Day: Wednesday's - 4 Week course commencing Wednesday April 21st
Time: 8.00 - 8.45 pm
£40 / 4 weeks / Person