Registration is now open for my next Online Courses commencing Monday October 5th, 2020.

Online Classes

DATE: Monday's, Tuesday's & Wednesday's (see details below) VENUE: Online STARTS: Various (see below)

Registration is now open for the next block of online courses starting October 5th with Jenny Thomas. All times are set to BST (British Summer Time)
All Classes will have new material. 
Previous courses can be purchased at any time for unlimited viewing.
They include: A-Z Authentic Jazz Steps Part 1, 2, 3 & 4. Frankie's Shim Sham, The Tranky Doo, Norma Miller's Trickeration, The Big Apple Part 1 & 2, Dean Collins Shim Sham, Rhythm Tap, Charleston & Choreography Routines. Please email me for more info on how to purchase these courses.

1: Connecting A -Z Authentic Jazz Steps - Part 2- How we connect steps together with music.

All Levels Welcome.
This is a continuation of my A-Z of Authentic Solo Jazz Steps course. However, previous attendance is not required for you to join this class. This class is designed to not only refresh your memory of each step but each week I'll be creating short easy Jazz sequences, covering weight transitions, body positioning, arm positions and styling variations whilst applying them to various musical tempos and showing you how they connect with each other.
The past four courses of A-Z classes can still be purchased for unlimited viewing.
Day: Monday's - 3 Week course commencing October 5th, 2020.
Time: 7.00 - 7.45pm
£30 / 3 weeks

2: Authentic Jazz Routine - The Madison

All Levels.
The Madison is a really fun line dance from the 1950's. It can be seen in "The Buddy Deane Show" 1960 and later in the movie "Hairspray" in 1988. This line dance is still extremely popular in the Jive and Swing Dance community. I will be using the Ray Bryant music version called "Madison Time"
Day: Monday's - 3 Week course commencing October 6th, 2020.
Time: 8.00 - 8.45pm
£30 / 3 weeks

3: Soft Shoe Tap Class

Beginner/Intermediate - No tap shoes required.
This is a great class if you're ready to add some tap steps, playfulness, rhythms and syncopations to your Lindy Hop.
During this course I will be teaching you basic tap steps, exercises, drills and fun combinations to improve your timing, rhythm and technique.
Please wear either leather soled shoes or something that will not stick to the floor.
Day: Tuesday's - 3 Week course commencing Tuesday October 6th, 2020.
Time: 7.00 - 7.45pm
£30 / 3 weeks

4: Short Jazz Combinations

Intermediate and Above.
During this course I will teach you some short Solo Jazz combinations that I will choreograph. You will have personalised feedback if you wish to participate in your homework assignments, however homework is NOT essential. This class WILL challenge you, if you want to be challenged.
I will talk about the importance of transitional steps, how to add variations to existing steps to make them unique, musicality and how to change the accents.
This will be a longer class session than the others, to incorporate Q & A.
Day: Tuesday's - 3 Week course commencing Tuesday October 6th, 2020.
Time: 8.00 - 9.00pm
£40 / 3 weeks

5: Jenny's Solo Jazz Choreography

Intermediate Level & Above.
This is only a 2 week course to finish the Choreography from my Solo Course in May to "Darktown Strutters Ball" by Catherine Russell. This class will be faster paced, designed for dancers with prior experience and wanting to push themselves. The previous 4 lessons of this routine are available to buy.
Day : Wednesday's - 2 Week course commencing Wednesday October 14th, 2020.
Time: 7.30- 8.15pm
£20 / 2 weeks