Lindy Hop class this Thursday evening in Farnham is CLOSED for March 14th ONLY!

Castle Hop, Germany

DATE: 9th - 13th May 2018 VENUE: The Castel- Grafenschloss Diez, Near Frankfurt. STARTS: 8pm

This year we offer 4 types of Classes you can choose from:
* 100% Lindy Hop
* 100% Solo Jazz
* 70% Lindy Hop & 30% Solo Jazz
* 70% Solo Jazz & 30% Lindy Hop

Please choose your Lindy Hop Level during the registration process. All Jazz Levels will be checked and divided in even groups at the camp.

All inclusive
Castle Hop is a Lindy Hop Camp in the historical Castle "Grafenschloss Diez".

Workshops, Partys, Accomodation, Food & Drinks- all inside the Castle!
The Room-Standard is good, clean and all Rooms have Showers and Toilets. The Beds are mostly Bunk-Beds! Bed-Clothes are included (bring your own towels!). We can host up to 100 Dancers.

We offer (Full Camp) All-Inklusive which contains:
* 3 Nights (different Roomtypes)
* 3 Partys (DJs, Live Bands, Friday-Saturday-Sunday)
* 3 Days Workshop (Saturday - Monday)
* Food (Brunch/ Dinner)
* All Drinks (Tea & Coffee, choose from Alcohol or Non Alcohol Flatrate)
* Bedclothes

Thursday - Sunday

Classes, Dances and Live bands

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